Why use VoIP?

For most of today's businesses, VoIP phone systems are the ideal telephony solution. VoIP phone systems offer a few advantages over analog phone systems:

Affordability: Our average customer saves over 60% by switching to a pure VoIP phone system from an analog phone system. Cost per minute for VoIP is significantly cheaper than traditional systems -- savings average 40% for local calls and 90% for toll-free.

Customization: By integrating your VoIP phone numbers with a PBX server, you gain access to a wealth of features: scheduled call routing, ring groups, call queues, advanced voicemail systems, call reporting, auto-attendants, and a user-friendly interface to configure these features without significant technical expertise.

Flexibility: VoIP phone systems are purely digital systems and can be intregrated with other applications used by the business: billing, customer service management, CRMs, inbound marketing, information management, and more.

Customers often fear that switching to pure VoIP systems may compromise the stability of their phone systems. For customers using our Hosted PBX service, we are able to guarantee 99.9% availability by hosting our servers in redundant data centers and implementing proper failover. In this case, your phone system is as stable as your internet connection.

For customers demanding even higher availability, we can install a hybrid phone system -- a pure VoIP phone system installed alongside a traditional phone system for improved reliability.

GoTel's VoIP Service

Phone service with GoTel is easy to understand. It consists of two basic cost components: phone numbers and channels.

Phone numbers are also known as DIDs (Direct Inward Dials) -- these are the numbers that customers will call to reach your business. These phone numbers are routed to an endpoint device which can be a single VoIP phone, a PBX (private branch exchange) server -- or even a cell phone. Rates for phone numbers begin at $2 / phone number (volume discounts available for customers with many phone numbers).

The number of channels present on your GoTel subscription determines the number of phone calls you can receive simultaneously across all of your phone numbers. Channels are priced at $20 / channel.

The number of phone numbers and channels a business requires depends on the structure of the business and on expected call volume. GoTel provides VoIP service for applications both large and small -- for high volume call centers employing many channels and SEO companies employing many phone numbers -- as well as for small businesses and local entrepreneurs with only basic needs for phone service.

Basic Caller ID and 911 service is included with all phone numbers. We also provide Inbound CNAM (for obtaining caller name / company) as an add-on service.

Ready to set up VoIP service? Give us a call at (678) 726-1111 or use our contact form to get started.