Professional Support Options

GoTel provides support options for both new and existing customers. The most common support requests we receive include:

  • Installation: if your business has already purchased a PBX but needs help installing it on-premises, GoTel is the company to call.
  • Configuration: we can assist with configuring call routing, auto attendants, queue systems and other PBX features for call centers, medical offices, service providers or a number of other applications.
  • Customization: if your PBX doesn't seem to provide a certain feature, our VoIP engineers and Asterisk developers can make magic happen using custom scripting at the command line level.
  • Troubleshooting: we can handle a variety of troubleshooting requests, including dropped calls, audio quality issues, latency issues, IP phone problems, network-related problems, server hardware issues and more.

GoTel stands by its rock-solid Hosted PBX platform. If you're having issues, please let us know by opening a support ticket.

Our other support options are simple. For VoIP, PBX, IT & Networking services, our rate for support is $60 / hour -- this includes all configuration, customization, installation, and troubleshooting requests. For our add-on services, including internet marketing and web development services, our rate is $40 / hour.

Note: the cost of installation is included in the price of our local PBX systems.

We understand that a business's phone system is a vital component of its overall operations and take support requests very seriously. We offer emergency phone support and will respond to any support requests submitted via our contact form within 24 hours.

Please review the following rate table for our professional support options:

Service Type Rate
PBX Configuration, Customization & Installation $60 / hour
PBX Maintenance & Troubleshooting $60 / hour
Internet Marketing Services $40 / hour
Web Development Services $40 / hour
IT & Networking Services $60 / hour

Note: There are no additional charges for on-site services.

To reach our professional support team, please call us at (678) 726-1111 or use our contact form.