Georgia PBX Installations

We hope you'll consider our VoIP and PBX solutions, but if you just need a local installer, we can help with that too. Customers often order PBX phone systems and become overwhelmed by installation and configuration -- that's what we're here for.

GoTel provides local PBX installation services to businesses throughout the state of Georgia. We're a Fonality Certified Installer and have been a trusted source for Fonality phone system installations since 2009. We are experienced with installing a variety of PBX systems -- both proprietary systems like those by Avaya, Cisco, Fonality, and Nortel and open-source systems including Elastix, FreePBX, PBXiaf and Trixbox.

Typical PBX installations take between 5 - 7 hours to complete, but duration can vary depending on the business's network structure and individual needs. In addition to basic PBX installation, GoTel employs fully qualified network engineers and can handle network cabling jobs, ISP cutovers, and network restructuring which may be necessary for a proper PBX installation.

For custom PBX installation and related services, we bill our standard Professional Support rate of $60 / hour plus the cost of any materials we provide.

Give us a call at (678) 726-1111 for a PBX installation quote for your business. We'll ask some questions about your PBX system, network structure and any configuration / customization requests and can offer an over-the-phone estimate based on your individual requests.