PBX customization Options

Your PBX is installed and configured, but it isn't behaving in exactly the way you want it to. GoTel can handle most customization requests, from basic PBX configuration to advanced back-end modifications. All configuration and customization requests are billed at $60 / hour.

Here are a few customization requests we've helped our clients with:

  • Call center set-up: call centers have specific needs for call routing, reporting, and accessibility. We've worked with call centers in a number of applications and can help develop a solution based around the needs of your business.
  • Payment processing integration: allow employees and subcontractors to process credit card payments via your PBX.
  • Call recording: record every call that comes through your PBX -- or just for specific lines or extensions.
  • SMS integration: use conditions to trigger automated text messages. For example, a dentist could include "Press 3 to receive directions to our office via text message" as part of their main call menu. We can also incorporate this functionality into other web applications or your company web site.
  • Custom Call ID scripting: make your call ID a local callback number for every phone number you call.
  • FOP2: Add a handy PBX management utility accessible from any web browser on your network -- used both for administration and to streamline regular use: transferring calls, access voicemail, on-demand recording, etc.
  • Asternic: obtain detailed queue metrics useful in call center management and related applications.
  • CDR Database integration: integrate your PBX's call data record database with external applications.

Need help customizing your PBX? Reach out to our support team directly by calling (678) 726-1111 or using our contact form.