Case Studies

We wouldn't be where we are today without a solid customer track record. Over the years we've helped a growing number of Georgia businesses including call centers, e-commerce web sites, home services companies, insurance companies, marketing firms, medical offices, and more.

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Our company is open six days a week and additionally has 24/7/365 emergency lines for certain departments. We deal with protected health information on a daily basis, so utilizing call centers and similar services was not a good option for our operation. Additionally, we have many customers whose first language is not English.

Our company needed a state-of-the-art phone system that would include multilingual voice prompts, internal extensions with different features, sophisticated call queue configuration, and custom reporting for quality assurance purposes. GoTel had everything done timely, professionally, and affordably. Their customer service has been responding to our inquiries and customization requests very quickly and efficiently.

Our recommendation to those who are looking for a high-tech phone system is to partner with GoTel.

Tatyana Livitina, Operating Manager | PharmaLife

As a small business owner, it is crucially important to have a rock solid telephone system. GoTel did an outstanding job in designing and installing a state-of-the-art VOIP phone system to replace my old phones. They customized the system to fit my needs and helped me with porting all of my numbers from the old provider. Their technician was fast, knowledgeable and extremely helpful explaining all of the features of the new system. Highly recommend.

There are many places today where you can purchase a VOIP system and equipment but only one place in Atlanta where quality, service and price are unbeatable. GoTel not only provided me with an affordable VOIP system but also provided great support when I needed it. This is the only company that I recommend for VOIP equipment and complete phone systems in Atlanta. Thanks for the great job!

Ted Balev, CEO | Colonial Trucking Insurance

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