IT & Networking Services

In addition to providing VoIP services, GoTel is a full-service IT & networking service provider. We often handle the following services which are often required for proper PBX installation:

  • Linux & Windows server administration: we use only Linux-based PBX solutions and many of our customers also have Windows servers on-site. As a result, we're fully experienced with Linux and Windows server management as well as integrating applications hosted on different operating systems.
  • Network firewall administration: all of our local PBX solutions come bundled with the IPTables application firewall. For customers requiring more features, horsepower or added security, we can install PFSense network firewalls as well as other standalone firewall distributions.
  • Network cabling: for businesses residing in offices without proper network cabling for VoIP phone systems, we can help.
  • Installation of server racks / cabinets: For businesses hosting servers on-site, we can set up server racks / cabinets, secure the room with locks and security cameras, and ensure that all servers have proper airflow and back-up power.
  • Office support: GoTel employs experienced network engineers and can handle the IT & networking needs of most small to medium-sized businesses. We can clean and secure networks which have been infected by malware, assist with malfunctioning workstations / servers or handle a multitude of related office support requests. we've got the troubleshooting tools and know-how to resolve any problems that may arise on your business network.
  • ISP cut-overs: because of bandwidth requirements, some of our Hosted PBX customers choose to switch to a higher bandwidth internet plan. If your business is considering switching from one service provider to another and your business needs professional cut-over support, give us a call.

All of our IT & Networking services are billed at our standard support rate of $60 / hour. To request IT & Networking services, please call (678) 726-1111 or use our contact form.