Internet Marketing Services

GoTel handles its own inbound marketing in-house, and we offer the same services to our customers. We can provide the following inbound internet marketing services:

Web design / development:

GoTel employs creative web designers and developers and is up to date with current HTML5 / CSS3 standards. Our team is experienced with building hand-coded static web sites as well as web sites built into a variety of popular web frameworks: Wordpress, CMSMS, Joomla, or Drupal.

All of our web design projects are designed by our offshore design staff in the Philippines and supervised by American web designers to minimize cost while maximizing efficiency and the quality of the end product. All of the web sites we design are built from the ground up to drive sales.

We can build mobile-friendly responsive web sites or separate mobile URLs built with JQuery Mobile depending on your preference.

Pay-per-click management:

GoTel employs Google AdWords & Bing Ads certified pay-per-click professionals to build efficient inbound marketing systems for our customers. We are a member of the AdWords & Bing Ads API programs, allowing us to integrate pay-per-click systems with your VoIP systems or other web applications.

Our team is experienced with building efficient pay-per-click systems for a variety of business types: appliance repair, CPAs, dentists, e-commerce, insurance companies, lawyers, painters, plumbers, technology companies, and more. We can provide pay-per-click services to businesses seeking either local or national exposure.

Search engine optimization:

Search engine optimization has changed a lot in the past few years. An industry that has been traditionally reviled for its contribution to internet spam has made a major turn -- search engine optimization now encompasses such factors as on-page keyword density, on-page mark-up, inbound links (and the type, quality, and relevant of those links), NAP (name, address, phone number) citations, online reputation, social likes / +1s / tweets, social shares, mobile compatibility, search engine click-through rate, and more. Few internet marketing firms have been agile enough to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape of SEO.

No one knows the exact contents of search engine algorithms, but we think we understand them better than most. Because search engine algorithms rank businesses based on their perceived value using an increasingly complex array of factors, it is increasingly important for a business to participate in its own marketing. For this reason, GoTel's search engine optimization offerings blend streamlined services and tools your business can use to help improve its online reputation and social media presence.

Social media & online reputation:

Social media and online reputation are becoming an increasingly important part of a business's overall web presence, and our team can help you achieve success in both arenas.

Social media is one of the most frequently misunderstood tools for growing business. Modern search engine algorithms are sophisticated enough that there are no longer any "magic tricks" to exploit social media for SEO. Instead of this approach, we provide consulting services which allow businesses to more effectively engage with their customers on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Strategies like running Facebook-exclusive promotions, commenting on trending news articles and local happenings, and having an effective overall content strategy are tactics modern businesses are using to more effectively engage with customers via social media.

We don't provide "online reputation management" services (the practice of leaving fake reviews to artificially inflate a business's online reputation), but we can offer resources and advice to more effectively engage customers and encourage positive reviews on important business directories like Google Places, Yelp, and TripAdvisor.

Web analytics:

Knowing how to install and analyze web analytics is essential for optimizing a business's web marketing systems. Our team combines Google Analytics and custom scripting to provide invaluable data which guides our user experience optimization strategies. We can even integrate web analytics with your VoIP services -- for example by serving a different phone number for users referred by Google AdWords to more effectively track the return on investment of individual traffic sources.

Need internet marketing services? Since we outsource a portion of this work to our offshore team, we're able to offer a special rate of $40 / hour for internet marketing services. To inquire about our services, please give us a call at (678) 726-1111 or use our contact form. We'll ask you some questions about your business goals and craft a detailed quote based around your individual business needs.